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Updated: May 25, 2021

Wake up.

Get up.

Get washed,


get dressed.

Get fed.

Get ready to

get out and

get going.

Get in the car to

get to work and

get there on time.

Don’t forget to get

yourself a snack, because

once you get there you

won’t get back

out till the end of

the working day

to get

anything from

the shops

where you get your

sweets on

special offer.

Do they ever get

different sweets to

offer at cut

rate prices?

I get it; the sweets

that they get, are the

ones that most

people like to get

to share

with friends.

But, what I don’t get

is people’s reluctance to get

something different to

have with a cuppa

or to

eat after supper.

What I do get is that

Scottish people like to get

something sweet to eat;

a special treat when

they meet a friend

and greet

them with a kiss,

a hug or

a box

of chocolates

that will get them

to wish that they

hadn’t eaten the

whole box in

one sitting.

Ah, I get it now.

This is what I like to

get; chocolate,

cakes and the like, to

fill that empty space,

which I seem to

to be unable to get

to the bottom of, as

I fill up my plate with

apples and grapes.

I really get it;

I love to get

myself a bar of chocolate as

it seems to get

to the

spot, where

pleasure rules. No one

gets to take that

away from me.

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