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The Rona is Here

I Opened my eyes, up with the lark.

It’s a good day for a walk in the park

No one is up, so I’m on my own

I think I’ll feed the ducks and the swans

The leaves are falling so it’s rather slippy

The wind is fair blowing and it’s very nippy

Dog walkers out with man’s best friend

Picking up dog mess again and again

I see a young fox bounding through the grass

Its mother ahead, running rather fast

Wait for me its distressed howl shouts

The vixen hears the cry and she turns around

Mother and pup are reunited

The pup is ecstatic and no longer frightened

As I place my arse on the sacred seat

Made famous by the old yins on BBC

I admire the view of the flowers and bushes

And the fly over busy with the cars that are rushing

To work, mostly nurses and doctors I bet

Fighting covid each day, while the rest of us wait

For a cure, a vaccine, or recovery from this,

The ‘rona’, the lurgy that seems to persist

Even when we are negative, it just will not go

‘We’re knackered, exhausted’ you’ll hear people moan

‘I just want to sleep and stay in my bed’

What a shit year 2020 has been

Our loved ones dying alone and it seems

There’s no end to this nightmare that’s lasted all year

So take pleasure in all that is good in your own little life

Talk things over and try to avoid any strife

With your children, co-workers and friends

Look out for each other 'til this nightmare ends.

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