The Son of man

Once upon a time we were there

Up and down and everywhere

Looking through the prism of life, and thinking

How nice it would be to be free…..

From pain and worry, no need to hurry

The house can wait, pots and pans can steep

In water in the sink, who cares if they stink?

No one will see, except you and me..hee, hee, hee

Until, all pots, plates and cups are used,

What will we do? Someone is at the door

Shouting hello, is any one at home? I've tried the phone

No joy, no luck oh well, what the F***

I'll come back later when you're feeling better

What a gas you are, better by far than all the chains and fetters

That when applied you are assured, it'll make you better!

No pain, no gain, is that right? Or are you looking for a fight?

Come ahead and see that fighting is futile, while

The lost are seeking and begging for help

Hoping for wealth and health, the enemy by his stealth,

Has robbed and bound until nothing can be found

That will give some hope that's free from dope

And fags and booze that help you lose that feeling

Of constantly leaning on others to do

The impossible. Help me get out of this rut

I can't see the wood for the trees

Oh wait there's a large pole up ahead….. it’s a cross..

It's empty and I think I heard someone say, "Are you lost?"

Yes, I say, can you help me I don't know what to do

Can I follow you?

Of course you can, I'm the Son of man

Who came to seek and save the lost

But before we go, don't forget to take up your cross.

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