The Woman in Crisis; John’s Perspective

Terry is so demanding, expecting me to dump my pals to spend more time with her. I mean, I’ve agreed to marry her, so I want to enjoy life as much as possible before I’m tied down; she wants to have a family straight away, and I know if I don’t capitulate, she will leave me. I never saw myself tied down with a wife and weans ever. It’ll cost a fortune, and I won’t be able to get out with my mates as much.

Okay, Paris will be nice to visit, but I’ll be stuck with Terry for a week twenty four hours a day. She won’t want to go drinking, oh no. She’ll be

having hot chocolate and cake, while I’m choking for one of those giant jugs of beer.

She’s pregnant already, can you believe it? We won’t even be married one year, and I’ll be a father. I’ll need to cram in as much fun with my pals before the baby arrives. I know Terry’s not happy with me, as I turned up from work dour hours late, drunk as a skunk. The way she looked at me was

comical, as if I had done something wrong. I mean, I know she is pregnant, but come on. Does that mean I am a prisoner at home?

I don’t believe it, another one on the way! And we’ve just bought that house. I tell you this, I intend to enjoy myself before she goes back to work, because then I’ll be dubbed up, with two screaming weans.

She really can’t stand me, what’s the point? I might as well leave.

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