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Thinking aloud

Can it really be true, he’s really gone? The one that always got away with it

by lying, denying, decrying others; always looking to play the victor,

he has now switched to victim mode, as his hand has been forced.

He is a charlatan with an attitude of entitlement; how dare they suggest that HE deliberately lied to the minions at Westminster? He doesn’t have to answer to anyone, least of all this bunch of losers. What has any of them ever achieved that’s of any worth? After all, HE got Brexit done, rolled out the vaccine are amongst many of the great things he achieved.

Alas, he’s either a narcissist or he’s delusional; either way, he should NEVER be allowed to hold ANY position of power or influence. In fact, he should be behind bars with all the other white collar criminals, yet to be investigated. VIP lanes, parties during lockdown, failing to attend COBRA meetings, because he was too busy, ignoring health experts advice, promoting perverts into positions of power. What a bastard he is! Boris Johnson, the sperminator; I wonder when Carrie call it a day, but then again, it’s usually him who does the cheating and scheming.

Has the dishonours list been approved and given royal assent? The OBE hairdresser, CBE Lord Snooty, and the dame with the prominent middle finger, merely goes to show where Spaffer’s priorities lie. Suck up to him, lie for him, or make sure his hair never looks combed, and you will be duly rewarded. He is a blight on our political landscape .

Looking to the future, what can we expect from Pishy Rishi, as he does the bidding of the infamous ERG? Will he have the guts to rescind this list of piss, or will he bow to the extremists and Johnsonists? Either way, the writing is on the wall for him and his shabby government. As the cronies resign, triggering numerous by-elections, will Rishi do the honourable thing, and call a general election? Or does Spaffer have him over a barrel?

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