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Thinking at Midnight

February 2021, and it's zero degrees outside;

I wonder where the foxes and hedgehogs hide

at such a time as this, when no one is about

to throw away food, as they wander home

through the hood. No drunken louts can be heard

shouting loudly to their bird, or

singing football songs with their mates

not realising that it's getting late.

Life has stopped, or so it seems;

no last orders at the bars that stream

Dumbarton Road. Granny Gibb will be turning in her

grave, as her namesake lies empty with no fire burning.

This lockdown has been a bugger;

I don't believe we can take another.

But wait, the panacea is here-

the vaccine, an answer to prayer?

The three Es of health health-effective,

efficient and equitable will surely prevail,

as the vaccine is rolled out, but then again

maybe not. The countries that made us rich

are left to struggle in the ditch, waiting for

the first world countries to decide

if they can afford the courtesy

of helping at such a time as this.

We will be judged by our actions-all of the nations.

So BoJo, don't think you'll escape scrutiny;

Or Lord Snooty, the man with no personality,

just a voracity for making a profit.

How many millions does one man need

to feather his nest? While another man queues

up at night to find some rest on a worn out

mattress on the floor of the hostel funded by charity.

This government makes Thatcher seem

moderate and I don't think I will ever get over it.

Propagating lies by the dozens with a

toothless press doing nothing to challenge the

reality before them. They don't answer

questions with truthful answers,

but instead laugh out loud

before the people asking.

It takes one brave journalist to break the mould.

Go on, just one, don't do as you're told and see

how the liars react, they won't be happy, that's a fact.

It's a time where facts are thin on the ground,

and where honest Tories are not to be found, leading the country

with justice and integrity. To get free meals for children,

it took a celebrity to force the hand of this single minded

heap of shit called the Westminster Cabinet.


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