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Untying the Knot

They kiss; a moment of weakness on Sally’s part. Sally and John have been divorced for a few years, but they still have contact because they have a young son. One moment of weakness! John is so happy, and Sally wonders how to get out of what is a very delicate situation. Sally feels several emotions at once; anger at her own weakness, and waves of anxiety, as she knows only too well the consequences of her actions. 'He thinks we’re back together.'

John smiles and says, ‘That was lovely; I’ve missed you. I never thought you would ever have me back.’

Sally says nothing, and goes to make some tea, wondering how to untie this knot that was binding them together once more. Things are okay at first; happy times together (well, sort of), watching films on TV and going out for lunch. One year passes.

They’re on holiday as a family, and Sally and their son Harry want to go out sightseeing, but John insists on staying at the pool, sunbathing and drinking copious amounts of alcohol. Sally isn’t happy, and Harry is subdued. Once they were home, John raves about the holiday; Sally and Harry stay silent, looking more miserable by the minute.

Sally wants to watch a programme on TV; a Swedish crime series, but John has the remote, and he is watching the golf and having a few beers. Sally goes to watch TV in her bedroom, full of resentment. Things just get progressively worse, until Sally feels like a lodger in her own house. John chooses the meals, what to watch on TV, and Sally is very rarely at home, preferring to work overtime or visit her friends. The biggest casualty is Harry. Unlike Sally, he can’t escape, and he spends most of his time in his room.

Returning from work one day, she is met by John, who has been drinking beer all day. She can’t take anymore, and blurts out, ‘You don’t live here, and I would like you to leave by the morning.’ When she returns home, next day after work, John is gone. She worries that Harry will be angry at her. While they’re watching TV, Harry touches her hand and says, ‘Mum, you did the right thing.’

Sally asks Harry if he would like some tea and toast.

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