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We're in this together

Just when it seems to be working out,

life can hit you hard, have you run about

worrying, scheming, projecting, reflecting

on things long gone, resentments galore.

Us humans make life so difficult for each other

Gossip, bullying and generally causing bother

for the perceived weakest link in the group,

who is shy, lacks confidence or doesn't have the look.

The pretty young woman with poise and flair

is hated by others with greying hair.

Beauty is relative, in the eye of the beholder.

It's just a different beauty you have when you're older.

I often wonder how men deal with life

as they struggle with all their troubles and strife.

But then, they have golf, and a pint in the pub

to sort out out their differences before going home

Why do women compete with each other in life,

when they could all get together and avoid all the strife?

We all have value and something to give to each other

So let's try to be kind to the newbie and stop causing her bother.

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