What a character

58 year old Jack drives articulated lorries for a living. As you would expect, he works hard, being away from home for most of the working week. His father drove Lorries, and Jack always wanted to do this, since he was a boy.The driving has caused him to be quite burly in appearance, due to sitting most off the day when at work. But for some reason, the woman find him very attractive, because of his ‘personality. He’s always the life and soul of any gathering.

Jack voted Brexit, because he’s sick of these foreigners coming over taking all the jobs. He hates the French and the Germans, for some reason. I have a German Friend, who was visiting me, and he popped in. He couldn’t have been nicer, saying how the Germans make the best of everything, and are hard workers. It was quite funny, seeing him being so nice, when he actually met a German person. Also, my daughter’s boyfriend is French, yet Jack is able to chat away (mostly about himself!) over a cup of coffee

And don’t talk about religion; “I’m not racist. I don’t mind the Indians, the blacks; it’s the rag heads I can’t stand. They want everything their own bloody way”

I do believe that Jack sees life in black and white; “If someone fucks with you, just fuck them right back.” He can be aggressive if he feels threatened or angry, but he’s as gentle as a dove when he’s looking after his grandchildren. It’s rather touching to see. Yes Jack really is a man full of contradictions.

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